Class UpdatingLocalCache

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public class UpdatingLocalCache
extends com.solarmetric.kodo.runtime.datacache.plugins.LocalCache

Single JVM cache which transitions read-only objects to hollow when it becomes aware that their database information has changed (because a transaction occurs). The next read of this object will result in a trip to the database to fetch the new information (unless the transaction occurred in this JVM, in which case the information may be read from a LocalCache).

To use this cache, set com.solarmetric.kodo.DataCacheClass to stomp.jdo.kodo.UpdatingLocalCache,


Eric Lindauer

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Method Summary
 void batchUpdate(java.util.Map additions, java.util.Map updates, java.util.Collection deletes, java.lang.Object origin)
          Callback made when a transaction in this JVM changes the database information for a persistent object.
 void setSchemaGroup(java.lang.String group)
          Must be called when this cache is initialized.
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Constructor Detail


public UpdatingLocalCache()
Method Detail


public void setSchemaGroup(java.lang.String group)
Must be called when this cache is initialized. This would be the constructor, but we are forced to have a no-args constructor to integrate with Kodo.


public void batchUpdate(java.util.Map additions,
                        java.util.Map updates,
                        java.util.Collection deletes,
                        java.lang.Object origin)
Callback made when a transaction in this JVM changes the database information for a persistent object. This method evicts the read-only instances for all changed and deleted ids, so the database changes are immediately visible in the read-only version of objects.

Specified by:
batchUpdate in interface com.solarmetric.kodo.runtime.datacache.DataCache
batchUpdate in class com.solarmetric.kodo.runtime.datacache.plugins.LocalCache