Package stomp.util

Interface Summary
PrefListener interface used to make callbacks into objects that are caching Prefs.singleton ().

Class Summary
AbstractFactory base class for factories which support runtime class hierarchy definitions.
Bench utility class for benchmarking code.
DocumentFactory An xml factory, used for creating and obtaining Document objects.
FileManager provides utilities for reading and writing files to disk
JNDIProperties utility class for setting up JNDI properties in a more dynamic way then through a file.
Log Logs exceptions, important events, etc.
OsManager knows whether or not we are currently operating ### We can use the following: System.getProperty( "" ) and compare the return string with 'Linux', 'Solaris', 'Windows', etc.
Prefs Prefs manage all run-time describable attributes the system needs.
PrefsPrintWriter a print writer which prints based on whether or not a certain pref is set.
StringHelper Utility class to help with String manipulation
SystemState answers questions about the current state of the system, like are we on a Windows machine, is this a production run, development, or QA, etc.

Exception Summary