Class EnhancedTransaction

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public class EnhancedTransaction
extends TransactionWrapper

Solves problem of fixing state for defunct transactional objects, making them usable ( readable, up-to-date with the database ) even after the transaction they were created in is closed.

Eric Lindauer

Constructor Summary
EnhancedTransaction(PMWrapper pm)
Method Summary
protected  void fixState(java.lang.Object object)
          called when the PM for a transactional object is closed.
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Constructor Detail


public EnhancedTransaction(PMWrapper pm)
Method Detail


protected void fixState(java.lang.Object object)
called when the PM for a transactional object is closed. This gives the Transaction the opportunity to save this object and make it usable. For enhanced objects, this is accomplished by making the old proxy discard the (now defunct) transactional object, and instead point to the read-only version of the same object.

fixState in class TransactionWrapper