Package stomp.enhance

Interface Summary
ServiceDelegate implemented by the delegate portion of objects which have been ServiceEnhanced.
ServiceEnhanced interface implemented by all objects whose bytecode has been altered by the ServiceEnhancer.
ServiceProxy implemented by the proxy part of ServiceEnhanced objects.

Class Summary
AbstractEnhancer Common code that enhancer which use proxy-delegate pairs might want to reuse.
AbstractServiceDelegate base class for all enhanced Service Delegate objects, which implements common functionality like getting the proxy, caching wrapped versions of fields, etc...
AbstractServiceProxy serves as the base class for any hierarchy of service enhanced objects.
ClassArgParser utility object for parsing services.xml files and determining what class files are named in them for enhancement.
EnhancedServiceFactory makes the ServiceFactory enhanced-object-aware, and returns more functional ServiceMetaData.
EnhancedServiceMetaData adds awareness of the enhanced proxy-delegate pair to normal ServiceMetaData
EnhancedTransaction Solves problem of fixing state for defunct transactional objects, making them usable ( readable, up-to-date with the database ) even after the transaction they were created in is closed.
EnhancedTransactionFactory wraps JDO transactions in an enhanced-object-aware wrapper, which is able to recover defunct transactional objects and make them act like read-only objects.
EnhancedWrapperFactory extends the service layer wrapping and unwrapping functionality of WrapperFactory to correctly handle service enhanced objects.
JDOService creates or modifies package.jdo files for the object described in the given ServiceMetaData object.
ServiceEnhancer This class can be used to transform a normal java class into a JDO-ready service-enabled class.