Package stomp.jdo

Interface Summary
JDOWrapperFactory.JDOWrapper tagging interface to indicate that wrapping has ( or has not ) already occurred.
Persistent Suggested interface for all objects that will be persisted.
PMFactory interface used to plugin vendor-specific JDO code.
PMWrapper wraps the JDO implementation provided by a third party, but removes some transactional options from consideration.
RefreshListener callback interface used to notify objects in this JVM when persistent objects are modified as a result of distributed caching.
TransientTransactional contract guaranteed by objects which need to change state when they are transient and become associated with a transaction.

Class Summary
AbstractPersistentObject Convenience class which clients may extend to pick up much of the Persistent interface functionality.
AbstractRefreshListener basic implementation of RefreshListener interface.
GenericPMFactory standard PMFactory implementation.
JDOFactory Gives static access to a properly configured PersistenceManagers.
JDOWrapperFactory adds wrapping and unwrapping of jdo items ( PMs, Extents, Queries ) to normal WrapperFactory functionality.
ObjectId represents a JDO object id, providing some information about the original object as well in case the object is deleted.
RefreshManager Manages links between objects that are interested in other objects being refreshed, and the event that those other objects are refreshed.
TransactionFactory creates the transaction implementations which help in stomp.jdo's transparent transaction management.
TransactionWrapper wraps a JDO Transaction object, preventing any developer attempts to begin or commit the transaction.